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How to Paint a Door Properly

How to Paint a Door Properly

It is easy to paint a door, but there are steps to do it properly to avoid any possible minor mistakes. After all, we all don’t like to do repaint jobs, aren’t we ?

Let us elaborate on the simple steps in layman’s terms on painting your door, just like explaining two plus one to children.

Here it goes:

Step 1) Remove All Items from the Door
Remove any decorated items, especially hooks on the door.

Step 2) Add Old Cloth or Newspapers
Place some old clothes or newspaper on the floor around the door so it won’t get stained with painting drips. The placement has to cover the whole width of the door space with an extra 1-2 feet.

Step 3) Cover Up Un-paint Areas
Use tapes to protect unwanted areas like hinges and door knobs from being tainted with drips or paint.

Step 4) Sand the Surface
If you want to smoothen the door’s surface before starting the painting work, you can do it with medium or fine-grade sandpaper.

Step 5) Wipe Clean the Surface
Use a dry or damp cloth to clean the door from dust or dirt before the painting job.

Step 6) Apply Our Primer
Using a quality primer on the door is recommended to help the paint glide more smoothly.

Try our BLUE-i Undercoat. It’s a high quality fast drying solvent-based alkyd undercoat for exterior & interior application on metal & wood surfaces.

Step 7) Sanding
Sanding after applying primer (if necessary) should help keep your surface smoother and as flat as possible, eliminating brush marks or extra little globs and giving it a better finishing appearance.

Step 8) Start the Painting
Now start the painting on your door. It is better to start painting from the top to the bottom. Be careful when painting near covered-up areas.

Last step) Final Finishing
If your door is wooden, try using our BAOMA Woodpaque. This paint is a premium quality water-based pigmented wood varnish that provides a durable, smooth and luxurious finish with silky-touch feeling for timeless wood beauty for your door.

Hope the above tips are helpful to you as doors are your daily pals as you open and close them almost every day.

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