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How to Handle The Smell of New Paint

How to Handle The Smell of New Paint

Some people are concerned about the smell of new paint after painting their place.

Is it harmful to our health ?
How long does the smell of the new paint last ?

Here is our answer to the concern about harmful of the smell.
It’s alright if you use good quality paint that is very low or zero in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like our MCI Paint products.

VOC level determines whether or not a paint product is environmentally friendly. It is the toxic fumes that are harmful to people and the environment, not only throughout the manufacturing process, but also during and after paint application, and has been pinpointed as the cause of various health concerns.

Some paint companies make their paint products safe from health hazards for people. So please clarify this before buying the paint from the shop or seller.

With the help of this UNOTECH eco-friendly technology, MCI Paint Sdn Bhd products are 100% lead- and mercury-free, with raw materials that have been carefully selected for their minimised traces of APEO and formaldehyde.

So you and your loved ones do not have to be concerned about using our top quality and harmless paint products.

1. Ventilation

Open the windows and doors to allow the air to flow in and out. You can also place and switch on the ceiling fan or table fan to assist with airflow.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is well known to absorb odors in laundry and refrigerators, which we also can use it to absorb the paint smell. Pour the powder into small bowls and place them all around the room.

3. Candles

Scented candles can be used to get rid of the smell of the new paint. The flame of the candles helps to burn any flammable components in the paint solvent.

The above tips are simple to follow and cost-effective for everyone.

We at MCI Paint Sdn Bhd sell painting products that are top quality, eco-friendly, no hazard, reasonable in pricing, durable, and other benefits.

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