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About Us

UNOTECH is an eco-friendly technology that is formulated to make our paints contribute to the well-being and preservation of our environment. Through low-impact manufacturing techniques that focus on reducing harmful waste in the process, we manage to lower the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of our products to the most minimum level. VOC level is what determines whether or not a paint product is environmentally friendly - it is the toxic fumes that are harmful to people and the environment, not only throughout the manufacturing process, but also during and after paint application, and has been pinpointed as the cause of various health concerns.

With the help of this UNOTECH eco-friendly technology, MCI Paint products are 100% lead- and mercury-free, with raw materials that have been carefully selected for their minimised traces of APEO and formaldehyde.

APEO is a class of chemicals that are toxic to aquatic life, and could contaminate entire food chains that include humans; while formaldehyde causes toxic effects in humans such as coughing, wheezing, chest pains, and bronchitis.

Investing in eco-friendly paints makes sounds economic and health sense in the long run, while protecting your loved ones from asthma attacks, eye irritation, and other respiratory problems are just some of its more immediate benefits. So, choose the wellbeing of yourself and those important to you. Choose MCI Paint.