Our Background

About Us

MCI Paint Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia local manufacturer that produce top quality decorative paint products was incorporated in the year 2009, as the dust of the US financial crisis settle.

Fully engaged in developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing a wide range of Decorative Paints, MCI Paint Sdn Bhd started off with a humble capacity, operating on a 12,000 sq ft rented premise with 12 employees, producing approximately 3,000 tons of finished products annually.
Though operating in a post-financial crisis period, MCI Paint Sdn Bhd has not only survived in spite of the adversity but recorded impressive growth with the overwhelming demand for its products both locally and abroad each year.
In early 2013, the Company further invested in expanding its production capacity to suit market needs. Today, the Company employs 48 employees inclusive of 13 sales staff, operating on a 60,000 sq ft premise, with an annual production output of 12,000 tons of finished products.

The complex and sophisticated needs of the modern marketplace see an increasing demand for eco-friendly products. This high expectation has posed a very challenging new standard for the paint industry.
In response to that new-found expectation, MCI Paint Sdn Bhd developed our own unique technological know-how, called the "UNOTEC''. It is based on an environmental-friendly concept, wereby 'green' is the key focus of our Research & Development Program in determining the types of raw materials used in our production.

In a field of ever-changing business culture & technology, one policy in MCI Paint Sdn Bhd always remained unchanged - our philosophy and commitment to offer our customers 'Quality Products & Services at an Affordable Cost'. We take pride in upholding this more than any of our competitors and has now become the category leader in the paint industry because of this.

Our popular brands such as BAOMA, BLUE-i, BENZi and BRUSH & ROLLER are all well received and recognized by professionals, architects, developers, distributors, and consumers alike. Our comparable products with our major competitors are more cost competitive without any compromise in product quality.
We take pride in being recognized as an innovative and fast-growing Malaysian Paint Company, and is now well positioned in the market as an up and coming local brand that delivers consistent, high quality products in the Decorative Paint market segment.

MCI Paint Sdn Bhd has 5 warehouses in Malaysia, as well as a strong distribution network which consists of about 400 direct and indirect dealers throughout the nation; of which a significant number of them are equipped with our Color Infinity Paint Tinting System, providing all our customers with easy access to our expertise, products, and services. We have also penetrated into foreign markets such as Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Macau; which is a testimonial to our product quality and market acceptance in this region.  

Our tagline, 'Your Ultimate Paint',
is our vision of making MCI Paint products your preferred choice, as we believe that 'quality will speak for itself'.