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Tips for a New Look of Your Home for This Coming Chinese New Year

Tips for a New Look of Your Home for This Coming Chinese New Year

Almost one more month left to the Chinese New Year season, and it’s a good time to paint your home now.

👍 As the saying goes, new paint gives a new look to your home, which welcomes a more exciting and positive year of 2024.

Also means to signify renewal, good fortune, and a fresh start for the coming year for you and your family staying at home.

If you want to hire a contractor to paint for you, you can read this article here on how to hire a good painting contractor.

📌 Here are a few good reasons to paint your home or property before the Chinese New Year.

1) Better impressions to your home guests.
Repaint your home helps improve your house’s aesthetics and cleanliness as guests will visit you during the Chinese New Year period.

2) Bring good luck to those living there.
The local and overseas Chinese believe painting the home will bring some new good luck to them and their family in this new year.

Need help choosing the painting colours ? Click here to view our guide.

3) Remove the previous bad vibes.
Chinese New Year is a new beginning after the past year for the Chinese people. So they believe repainting the home will ‘wash off’ the bad vibes and difficulties from the past year.

4) A house with new paint invites the prosperity chi.
Before Chinese New Year, painting the house is said to bring prosperity.
This contrasts a house with old and faded or dirty paint, which symbolizes boredom and no progress in life.

5) Motivation for yourself
The new paint look at your home gives you better psychological motivation, like your career, personality, and others’ well-being.

So don’t hesitate anymore, buy some new paints from our nearby dealers and start painting your home.

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