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Tips on Choosing Paint Colours for Your New Home

Tips on Choosing Paint Colours for Your New Home in Malaysia

Nothing is more annoying than spending hours painting your property, and after the job is done, you take a step back and discover you don’t like how it looks.

Or you feel the stress of choosing the right colour paint for that specific area in your home.

Moreover, fixing a bad paint decision will cost money, more time, and extra hassle.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect paint colours:

1) Consider the Purpose of Each Room
Consider how you’ll use each space in your property and the atmosphere that you want to create. For example the bedroom, you might want calm & soothing colours and vibrant & energetic colours for the living area.

2) Start with an Inspiration Piece
Use a piece of furniture, artwork, or a carpet that you love as the starting point for your colour scheme. Draw colour inspiration from that piece to help guide your choices of colours with our Colours Inifinity.

3) Use the Color Wheel
Familiarize yourself with the colour wheel to understand how colours relate to each other. Complementary colours (opposite each other on the wheel) create vibrant contrast, while analogous colours (next to each other) provide a more harmonious and subtle look.

4) Stick to a Cohesive Palette
Choose a colour palette with a few dominant colours and a few accent colours that work well together. This will create a cohesive flow throughout your home.

5) Consider Lighting
The lighting can greatly influence the appearance of the paint colours in your home. To know how the paint colours seem throughout the day & night, test them in various lighting conditions (natural light, artificial light, and at night).

6) Sample Before Committing
We recommend you always test paint colours before committing to the final decision. Get the sample paint cans or large swatches and apply them to the walls you want to paint. Spend a few days around to see how you feel about them.

Or you can visit our dealers nearby to check out the paint colours from MCI Paint.

7) Take Note of Undertones
Pay attention to the undertones of the colors you choose. Some colors may have warm (yellow, red) or cool (blue, green) undertones, which can affect the overall feel of the room.

8) Consider the Flow
Think about how the colors in adjacent rooms will work together. You want a smooth transition from one room to another without jarring contrasts.

9) Factor in the Size of the Room
Darker colours can produce a cosy and intimate atmosphere, whereas lighter colours tend to make a space appear more spacious. When choosing paint colours for a space, please consider the size of it.

10) Test Neutrals with Different Tones
Neutrals are popular for a reason, but they can still have variations in tone. Try warm, cool, or greige (gray-beige) neutrals to find the one that best suits your style.

11) Get Inspired Online
You can get some inspiration from online platforms like Pinterest and those home decorating or interior websites. Save the images that you like into your mobile phone and computer, and use them as your preferred colour schemes.

12) Consider the Ceiling and Trim
Last but not least, we have to consider the ceiling and trim. White is the standard option, but you can try other shades that complement the wall colours.

Above are the tips for you on choosing paint colours.
Always keep in mind that the right paint colours can completely change the look and feel of your house.

For the colours of your roof, there will be another article of tips for you here.

Please find the nearest paint dealers to you with the link below