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How to Prevent Your Home from Flooding ?

How to Prevent Your Home from Flooding ?

How to prevent your home from flooding ?

🌊⛈️ Flooding happens in a few parts of Malaysia during the heavy rain weather.

If your home or living property (landed property) has been flooded or has the risk of being flooded, then it’s best to take measures to avoid these floor issues or reduce the damages.

Here are some tips for you to learn how to take preventative steps:

1) Evaluate your home’s drainage
Maintaining the ground around your home is one way to protect your house from flooding. Improper drainage causes excess water to accumulate around the home and increases soil erosion.

2) Consider flood insurance
Homeowners should buy insurance when they have financial assistance to compensate for the damages from the flood.

3) Consider raising or sealing your foundation
Elevating your home about 3 feet above your community’s base flood elevation (BFE) can prevent your home from flooding and drastically lower the cost of damage. This might require permits and city approval.

4) Get ready the materials to build temporary flood barriers
Before the flood gets serious or at an early stage, build temporary barriers around your property with sandbags, wooden skirting boards, bricks or others.

For a waterproofing solution on your property, try this paint BAOMA Flexipruf 200 is a high performance water-based liquid rubber membrane reinforced with micro fiber for superb tensile strength.

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