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BENZIPOX Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer

Two Pack Inorganic Zinc Ethyl Silicate Primer

BENZIPOX INORGANIC ZINC RICH PRIMER is a two pack moisture curing inorganic zinc ethyl silicate primer. It is fast curing, containing very high zinc dust that provides excellent corrosion protection to blasted steel substrates in highly corrosive environments. It can withstand surface dry heat temperature up to 500°C under atmospheric exposure conditions provided overcoated with suitable topcoat. Suitable for structural steel and piping to be exposed to highly corrosive environments. Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings and mining equipment. Specially designed as a primer in coating system where extended durability is required.

Painting System:
Primer  ( 1 coat )
Intermediate  ( 1 coat )
Topcoat  ( 1 - 2 coats )
Ferrous Metal
* BENZIPOX Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer
BENZi Hi-Heat 600
BENZi Hi-Heat 600
Ferrous Metal
* BENZIPOX Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer
BENZIPOX Mastic 88

* It is recommended to apply a mist coat (dilution up to 30%) of BENZIPOX Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer onto the substrate prior to full application of the same, as to avoid popping, blistering and delamination in service.

5 litres

Surface Preparation

Ferrous Metal Surface
The service life span and performance of BENZIPOX Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer is directly related to the degree of surface preparation. Please observe the following:-

  • Remove all wax, oil and grease by solvent cleaning (SSPC-SP1);
  • Remove weld spatter and round off all rough weld seams and sharp edges to a smooth surface;
  • Surface shall be abrasively blasted to a minimum standard of Sa 2.5 (ISO 8501-1:1988) or SSPC-SP10;
  • An average surface profile of 50 microns is acceptable but this average should not exceed 75 microns;
  • Surface to be coated shall be clean, dry and free from any contamination;
  • Apply BENZIPOX Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer immediately after blasting / cleaning as to prevent oxidation and recontamination of the surface. If oxidation or recontamination occurred, reblast to the required standard;
  • Avoid condensation of moisture onto surface prior to coating application, relative humidity should not exceed 85% and surface temperature should more than 3°C above Dew Point.
Mixing Ratio (By Volume) :  4.26 : 1  (Binder : Zinc Powder)
Color :  Dark Grey, refer BENZi High Performance Coating color card
Film Finish :  Soft Matt
Touch Dry :  15 minutes (depends on temperature and humidity)
Recoating Interval :  Minimum 10 hours
Solid Content :  50% (by weight); 40% (by volume)
Dry Film Thickness :  25 - 75 microns / coat
Theoretical Coverage :  16 m2 / litre (DFT of 25 microns); 5 m2 / litre (DFT of 75 microns)
No. of Coat :  1 coat
Application :  Brush, roller, air spray or airless spray
Thinning :  Use Thinner T900 for dilution, dilute up to 5 - 10% if necessary
Cleaning Up :  Clean all paint equipment with Thinner T900 immediately after use


Safety, Health & Environment

FLAMMABLE. During painting, make sure no source of ignition at surrounding and no smoking. When not in use, store paint in cool and shaded place and do not directly expose to sunlight. Allow proper ventilation and wear mask during painting. Do not breathe vapour or spray. Keep doors and windows open during application and drying. It is advisable to wear eye protector while applying. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment. To remove splashes of paint from skin, use suitable cleanser or soap and water. Do not dispose paint into drains or watercourses. Refer to MCI Paint Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for further details. 

Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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BENZi High Performance Coating

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